Coastal Research Institute (CoRI)

Coastal Research Institute (CoRI), was established in 1972 as an urgent need for monitoring and protecting the Egyptian coasts. CoRI is one of the twelve institutes of the National Water Research Center (NWRC).
Vision As the coastal zones of Egypt hosts many natural resources, CoRI emphasizes on Integrated Management Plans (IMP) for sustainable protection and development of the coastal zones.
Mission CoRI is concerned with research and investigation activities to protect and to develop the coastal zones of Egypt through the following objectives:
  1. Monitoring the evolution of the Mediterranean coast in order to determine the near shore zone changes of the Nile delta and its neighborhood.
  2. Collecting and analyzing Dynamical, coastal and marine data for the determination of the erosion and accretion pattern and their driving forces.
  3. Conducting numerical models to predict future changes in the coastal zone, and select the most economical and effective protective measures and to find out their best alignment.
  4. Studying and design the most efficient, low cost and high effective control works to protect the heavily populated areas with its valuable agricultural land, industrial establishments and infrastructure from the sea attacks and carrying out their EIA.
  5. Providing expert advice to the Egyptian Government on problems associated with coastal instability.
  6. Integrated coastal zone management studies considering current and future changes. more...
CoRI Stations
Abu Quir || Rosetta || Burg El Burullus || Ras El Bar || El Arish



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