NWRC Objectives

 The ultimate objective of NWRC is to optimize water use, minimize different water losses and maximize water availability while the specific objectives can be formulated as follow:-  
  • Study, outline and propose long-term policies for managing water resources in Egypt.
  • Solve the technical and applied problems associated with general policies for irrigation, drainage and water resources.
  • Carry out investigations and research work connected with the extension of agricultural lands.
  • Find the means for utilizing the water resources of the country in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Propose measures for environmentally sound development of the irrigation and drainage systems.

 NWRC Mission

 NWRC pursues a well-formulated applied research strategy to handle the following activities:  
  • Maintain continuity, credibility and sustainability of applied research programs to cope with the requirements of the governmental and private sectors.
  • Adopt appropriate technology transfer programs to improve and promote research performance.
  • Strengthen the link between applied research and executing agencies.
  • Establish a strong infrastructure foundation.

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