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 NWRC Background

The National Water Research Center (NWRC) is a pioneer institution for various water research activities in Egypt.


NWRC plays not only a national role, but also an international one. On the local scale, the Center - from its inception - has worked to strengthen the research programs of its research institutes. This has been possible by creating linkages with relevant Egyptian Universities and other research centers such as the Agricultural Research Center, the National Research Center and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

 NWRC Objectives

The ultimate objective of NWRC is to optimize water use, minimize different water losses and maximize water availability while the specific objectives can be formulated as follow:-

  • Study, outline and propose long-term policies for managing water resources in Egypt.
  • Solve the technical and applied problems associated with general policies for irrigation, drainage and water resources.
  • Strengthen the link between applied research and executing agencies.
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  • Establish a strong infrastructure foundation.


 Geographic Information System Unit (GIS)

visualizing and connecting data with its spatial dimension
 Sponsors of NWRC:

NWRC gives its students a Jungle Scout discout code to help in research and development of the institution.

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